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Other Red Wine


The following are in stock 05-20-2017
Prices subject to change with re-supply.


Ammuntion "The Equalizer" Red Blend 2014, Sonoma County, California $19.99
Ancient Peaks Renegade Red Wine 2014, Santa Margarita Ranch, Paso Robles, California $19.99
Barnard Griffin Rob's Red Blend 2014, Washington $14.99
Betz Family Winery Bésoleil 2014, Columbia Valley, Washington $54.99
Bonny Doon 'Le Cigare Volant' Red Wine 2008, Central Coast, California $41.99
Chester Kidder Red Wine 2010, Columbia Valley, Washington $55.99
Cline Cashmere Exquisite Red Blend 2014, California $15.99
CMS Red 2014, Columbia Valley, Washington $14.99
Day Hock & Deuce 2014, Mae's Vineyard, Applegate Valley, Oregon $39.99
Dusted Valley Petite Sirah 2013, Wahluke Slope, Columbia Valley, Washington $45.99
Elyse C'est Si Bon Red Blend 2013, Naggiar Vineyard, Sierra Foothills, California $29.99
Elyse Nero Misto Red Blend 2012, California $31.99
Elyse Petite Sirah York Creek Vineyard 2011, 750ml, Napa Valley, California $36.99
Fable Charbono 2010, Napa Valley, California $26.99
Favia Rompecabezas Red Wine 2013, Amador County, California $85.99
GB Crane Vineyard el Coco 2014, Napa Valley, California $89.99
Gorman Winery 'The Evil Twin' 2012, Red Mountain, Washington $69.99
Gorman Winery 'Zachary's Ladder' 2013, Red Mountain, Columbia Valley, Washington $32.99
Hobo Wine Company Folk Machine Film and Camera Valdiguié 2015, Lolonis Family Vineyard, Redwood Valley, California $22.99
Hook & Ladder 'The Tillerman' Red Blend 2013, Los Amigos Ranch, Chalk Hill, Sonoma County, California $16.99
Hook & Ladder Station 10 Red Wine 2013, Russian River Valley, California $16.99
J Bookwalter 'Subplot #32 Red Wine 2015, Columbia Valley, Washington $22.99
J Bookwalter NoteBook WA/7NV Red Wine, Columbia Valley, Washington $14.99
J McClelland Charbono 2012, Calistoga, Napa Valley, California $49.99
J McClelland Petit Verdot 2013, Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley, California $49.99
Januik Red Wine 2014, Columbia Valley, Washington $23.99
L'Ecole 41 Frenchtown Red Wine 2015, Columbia Valley, Washington $24.99
Lava Cap American River Red Celebrated Cuvee 2012, El Dorado, California $18.99
Lava Cap Estate Bottled Barbera 2013, El Dorado, California $20.99
Linen Red Blend 2014, Columbia Valley, Washington $14.99
Marietta Christo Lot Number 3, Sonoma County, Mendocino County, California $19.99
Marietta Old Vine Red Lot No. 64, Non-Vintage, California $15.99
Matchbook The Arsonist Red Blend 2014, California $21.99
Matchbook Tinto Rey Red Blend 2011, California $16.99
Michael David 'Earthquake' Petite Sirah 2014, Lodi, California $28.99
Michael David Winery Inkblot Petit Verdot 2014, Lodi, California $39.99
Michael David Winery Petite Petit 2014, Lodi, California $18.99
Novelty Hill Royal Slope Red 2013, Columbia Valley, Washington $19.99
O * S Winery Red Wine 2013, Columbia Valley, Washington $21.99
Peirano Estate Vineyards "The Other" Red 2013, Lodi, California $13.99
Peirano Estate Vineyards Malbec 2014 The Heritage Collection, Lodi, California $13.99
Penner-Ash Rubeo Red Wine 2014, Oregon $25.99
Powers Malbec 2014, Columbia Valley, Washington $14.99
Powers Spectrum Red Wine 2014, Columbia Valley, Washington $13.99
Revelry Range Grenache / Syrah 2014, Columbia Valley $39.99
Sean Minor Nicole Marie Red Blend 2014, North Coast, California $19.99
Sineann 'Abondante' Red Wine 2013, 750ml, Columbia Valley, Washington $26.99
Sineann Red Table Wine 2015, Oregon $19.99
Sleight of Hand Cellars 'The Spellbinder' Red Wine 2015, Columbia Valley, Washington $22.99
SLO Down Wines Sexual Chocolate 2014, California $27.99
Sparkman Underworld Petit Verdot 2013, Yakima Valley, Washington $51.99
Sparkman Wilderness Red Rhône Blend 2013, Columbia Valley, Washington $31.99
Sparkman Wonderland Grenache 2014, Yakima Valley, Washington $35.99
Tamarack Cellars Ciel du Cheval Vineyard Counoise 2013, Red Mountain, Washington $31.99
Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red 2014, Columbia Valley, Washington $19.99
Tamarack Cellars Spicebox Red Wine 2013, Columbia Valley, Washington $29.99
Tamarack Grenache 2014, Red Mountain, Washington $31.99
Tamarack Nebbiolo 2013, Ciel du Cheval Vineyard, Red Mountain, Washington $31.99
The Boatman Red Wine 2015, California $13.99
The Ghost of 413 Red Wine 2013, Columbia Valley, Washington $18.99
The Prisoner Wine Company 'The Prisoner' Red Wine 2015, Napa Valley, California $44.99
The Whole Shebang Tenth Cuvée Red Wine NV, California $14.99
Turley Petite Syrah, Hayne Vineyard 2014, Napa Valley, California $99.99
Venge Vineyards Scout's Honor Napa Valley Red Wine 2015, Calistoga, California $39.99





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